2011 Canoe Polo Winter Series

Canoe Polo / 24/05/2011




Sundays 26th June
10th and 24th July
7th August


The QC Canoe Polo Technical committee held a meeting on Monday night. It was decided that the Winter Championships will not be run as a ‘Club’ based competition. Instead a more ‘social’ competition will be offered. The committee will determine the teams on Sunday 28th June (Day 1). Teams will be selected with an even spread of skill level throughout each teams. The aim of this competition is to create even competition and promote friendly interaction to encourage growth in our sport.  The cost of the competition has been adjusted to reflect the ‘social’ nature of the competition, with an individual fee structure put in place.
It is hoped that there will be ‘core’ teams for each week’s competition to enable team development over the 4 weeks of competition. Each round will also include ‘special’ games eg ‘Top 10’, Ladies, Vets, Junior.
The competition details are as follows:
Game fees must be paid on the day, PRIOR TO ENTERING THE WATER.
$30 for entire 4 week competition. Must be paid on registration on Sunday 28th June.
$10 per day. Paid at registration each round.
 Australian Canoeing Players Levy – $10 players levy must be paid by those who did not pay it at the State Champs earlier in the year.
Trial Canoeists- Non-members must pay an extra $5.50 insurance fee per day
Team entry forms are no longer required.
Individuals are to register prior to the first game each day. Registration opens at 8:30am, and all players must be present by 9:00am for the start of competition.
Medals will not be presented at this competition. The Perpetual Trophy will be awarded, if ‘core’ teams can be established for this competition.
Please let me know if you have any queries.
See you on the water!


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