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How to Form a New Club

To become an affiliated club with Queensland Canoeing, the club must be incorporated or in the process of incorporation.

To become an incorporated association in Queensland you must:

  • have at least 7 members
  • be a not-for-profit association
  • have a physical address in Queensland.

Incorporation Requirements

To incorporate, you must convene a general meeting of your unincorporated association and complete each of the following steps.

  • Pass a resolution
  • Choose a name
  • Adopt a set of rules
  • Elect a management committee
  • Apply and pay applicable fee to Qld Office of Fair Trading.

More further information visit Qld Office of Fair Trading.

Affiliation & Member Benefits

Affiliating with Queensland Canoeing provides your club with the following benefits –

  • Access to Australian Canoeing National Insurance Scheme, including Public/Products Liability, Association Liability (for committee members), Professional Indemnity (for coaches/volunteers), and Personal Accident insurance (for your Members).
  • Access to a free web site with a domain such as ‘clubname.canoe.org.au’ enabling ‘back end’ administration of your website, calendar’s, news items and other features to promote your club.
  • Access to Sporting DNA platform to enables member management (registrations/renewals), online registration/payment, emails, event registration (link to your website calendar).

In addition, our Queensland Canoeing staff can provide assistance in areas of general club administration, grant applications, membership administration, risk management and coach/official and instructor education.

More information on individual benefits visit Member Benefits.

Application for Membership

An application for Affiliated Club membership must be:
(a) in writing on the form prescribed from time to time by the Board,
(b) accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s constitution (which must be acceptable to the Association) and all other documents as requested; and
(c) accompanied by the appropriate fee, if any.

NEW CLUB – Qld Canoeing Affiliation Application Form (May 2017)

Qld Canoeing 2017-18 Affiliation & Membership Fees (22.05.2017) Final

For more information, please contact the Queensland Canoeing office on (07) 3899 1667 or email qld@canoe.org.au.