Germany to Australia by Kayak

Featured / General / Recreation / Sea Kayaking / 19/10/2017

Sandy Robson Presentation

Brisbane! Queensland…Sandy Robson is presenting, Germany to Australia by Kayak …Come along and hear all about the adventures as Sandy Robson tells first-hand about paddling 23,000kms across 20 countries by sea kayak, whilst retracing the 1930s route of Oskar Speck. This is your chance to see the photos and hear the inside story from an epic adventure. First Person to Circumnavigate Sri Lanka by Sea Kayak & First Woman to paddle the coast of India, Bangladesh & Papua New Guinea …pirates, crocodiles, police, malaria… it all makes this a top night of Adventure. Tickets $20 from Eventbrite. This event is hosted by Sandgate Canoe Club & Sandy Robson.

Thursday 2nd November 2017 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

VMR Brisbane, 95 Allpass Parade, Shorncliffe, QLD 4017