ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships Results

Canoe Marathon / 28/09/2017

A team of Juniors and Masters recently competed in the Canoe Marathon World Championships in Pietermaritzburg with Erin Peters, Daniel Mole and Rain Metsoja from Queensland being part of the team.

Erin Blanch turned in a career-best performance to finish fifth in the 19-kilometre K1 event, contested in scorching hot conditions in South Africa.

“It was very hard and very hot, but it was so much fun,” the Queenslander said after her race.

“I had a great experience and learned heaps. I would have been happy with top ten to be honest.

“I felt really comfortable on the wash out the back, I was just trying to save my energy because I knew I might not be as strong as the other girls. I just thought if I raced smart I could hang on to them.”

In the men’s K1 junior Daniel Mole finished eighth.

“Grinding through that heat was a real struggle, but it was good to get through it and we had a great end sprint, so I was really stoked with those efforts,” Mole said.

“To be able to hook on to that front pack for the first lap, it boosts your confidence something chronic.

“You come away from a race like this and you think ‘I’ve just raced the best in the world’. You feel like Superman. You feel like you can do anything.”

Daniel Mole and Mitchell Cronin followed up their strong individual performances from Thursday with an eighth in the K2 men’s junior race.

Rain Metsoja was part of the Senior/Masters Team and came 10th in the C1 Men over a grueling 26.2km race with 6 portages!