Featured / General / QC Office / 25/09/2017

Queensland Canoeing is seeking expressions of interest for an Independent Director with hands-on skills, knowledge and expertise in sponsorship and commercialisation.

Individuals applying for position do not need any affiliation to paddling; but rather need a genuine interest and desire to contribute to the betterment of the organisation by increasing interest in the sport, increased sponsorship and revenue, and help commercialise our events to ensure our sustainability.

Overview of the Board & Position

The Queensland Canoeing Board is made up of up to five Interested (elected) Directors and two Independent Director (appointed on skills basis); each for a two-year term.

The Board meets in person at least 6 times per year. Other meetings are held by telephone if required, to respond to specific matters in advance of the next-scheduled meeting. Depending on skill set, directors may hold positions on sub-committees of the Board which also meet as needed.

The successful candidate would be required to;  

  • Stay informed about Board matters, prepare for meetings by reviewing all papers and additional information provided and actively participate in Board discussions and dealings;
  • Help promote the interests of the organisation and its members, bring to the Board commercial skills, and help drive revenue from our existing assets;
  • Be actively involved in developing strategy, identifying and activating sponsorship and commercial opportunities;
  • Gain an understanding and insight into the motivations and drivers of the Paddling community, both competition and recreation.

Queensland Canoeing Board Directors will be required to complete a Directors Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest Register, and abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and Policies of the organisation.

More Information:

For further information or Position Description visit the SportsPeople website at www.sportspeople.com.au/sp/position/PositionDisplay.asp?ID=50565

To Apply:

Submit cover letter and CV to qc.eo@canoe.org.au Subject: Independent Director (Sponsorship and Commercial).

Applications close on Friday 6th October 2017.

For further information, please contact Greg Denny on (07) 3899 1667 or  0414 960 728.