Currumbin Capers Wrap Up

Canoe Marathon / Featured / General / 19/09/2017

The Currumbin Capers, the last race in the Northern Marathon Series Race was run last weekend.

Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club post race report is below:

Thanks to everyone who took part in today’s Currumbin Capers marathon. It’s was a pity about the timing of the the low tide as it was a bit of a hard slog in the shallow waters. Otherwise it was a great day. We had 90 competitors in total. Peter and Brook in a k2 were the star ⭐️ performers of the day clocking the fastest time over 22.5km. They also clocked the fastest average speed out of all the competitors in all distances!!! Well done. Stuart Bryson took out the 15.5km, Matthew Mason was the fastest over the 7.5km, and Paraka Mitchell over the 6km.

Full results from today can be found here.

Photos below courtesy of Northern Marathon Series Facebook page – photos taken by Elspeth Berger (see here for more).