Call for nominations for casual vacancy of President – Queensland Canoeing Board

Featured / General / 11/09/2017

The Board of Queensland Canoeing hereby calls for nominations for casual vacancy of President (Interested Director) – Queensland Canoeing Board declared vacant at AGM on Sat 26th August 2017.

Pursuant to the Queensland Canoeing Constitution, clause 30.3 Casual Vacancies, (a) A vacancy in the position of President shall be filled by the Members by way of postal vote.

Role of President – He or she should

  • be well informed of all organisation activities;
  • be aware of the future directions and plans of members;
  • have a good working knowledge of the constitution, rules and the duties of all office bearers and sub-committees;
  • facilitate effective management of committee and/or executive meetings;
  • manage the annual general meeting;
  • represent the organisation at local, regional, state and national levels;
  • be a supportive leader for all organisations members;
  • act as a facilitator for organisation activities; and
  • ensure the planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the members.

Leadership Traits

  • Lead without controlling;
  • Involve club or group members in decisions that affect them;
  • Stimulate balanced discussion;
  • Time meetings to finish on time;
  • Encourage focused discussion and keep meetings on track;
  • Negotiate successfully between members; and
  • And listen.

If interested review the attached Qld Canoeing – President (Interested Director) Information and Nomination Form.

Nominations are due Friday 15 Sept 2017 and must be:

  • in writing on the prescribed form (including an additional supporting documentation)
  • signed by a delegate of an affiliated club; and
  • certified by the Nominee (who must be a member) expressing his or her willingness to accept the position for which he or she is nominated.

Any interested persons can feel free to call and discuss the role in more detail.

Greg Denny
Executive Officer, Qld Canoeing
W. (07) 3899 1667
M. 0414 960 728