Congratulations to our Queensland 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics Athletes

Canoe Sprint / Featured / 13/10/2016

Congratulations to our Queensland Rio Olumpics and Paralympics athletes on their performances.

2016 Rio Olympics  (

Alyssa Bull & Alyce Burnett, 8th Final Women K2 500m

Ken Wallace, Jacob Clear, Jordan Wood, (Riley Fitzsimmons), 4th (Final A) Men’s Kayak Four 1000m

Ken Wallace (& Lachlan Tame), 3rd (Bronze) Men’s Kayak Double 1000m Final A

Martin Marinov, 2nd (Final B) Men’s Canoe Double 1000m

2016 Rio Paralympics

Curtis McGrath, 1st (Gold) Final Men KL2 200m

Susan Seipel, 3rd (Bronze) Final Women KL2 200m

Congratulations also to their coaches Anna Wood, Jimmy Owens and Andrea King.