Sunday 3rd May 2015 Gregory River Canoe Marathon

Canoe Marathon / General / Apr 29, 2015


Don’t miss out on the 40th Gregory River Canoe Marathon being held by North West Canoe Club on the 3rd May 2015.

Last chance to register will be Saturday 2nd May

Gregory Horse Race Track
Please bring down the correct money in cash.

Registration Fees:

Long course $85.00 per person
Short course $50.00 per person


Prize money will be available in the Marathon Course in the following categories, regardless of age class:

Winner:                                         $500.00
K1 Male and Female:                   1st $400.00; 2nd $200.00; 3rd $100.00
TK1 Male and Female:                 1st $400.00; 2nd $200.00; 3rd $100.00
TK2:                                             1st $400.00; 2nd $200.00; 3rd $100.00
Plastic Long Male/Female:           1st $400.00; 2nd $200.00; 3rd $100.00
TC2 Challenge (min of 4 max 8):  1st $800.00; 2nd $400.00; 3rd $200.00Race Record – $2,000.00

Short Course – 1st $200.00

For more information check out their facebook page or North West Canoe Club website