polo off to a flying start in 2015 with the state polo camp – check out the pictures

Canoe Polo / General / 18/01/2015

Well the 2015 Queensland Canoe Polo Development Camp is done. It was a great success, but we could not have done it with out the help of a few people. Very Big thanks to the 3 coaches. Mike Wilson from Qld, Jay Burgess from Melbourne and Craig Hutchinson from Sydney. Also a Huge thank to Robyn Groundwater, Col Anderson and all the crew from Broken Paddle Canoe Club (Boonah) for the meals each day, no one could say they were hungry, setting up the field and supply of the Polo gear. Thanks also goes to Mike Dash and Peter Cooke from Springfield Canoe Club for supplying the goals for the 2nd field and Dave Peters and the Brothers Canoe Club for supplying more polo gear. thanks to all the parents who helped in any way from cooking to setting up tents. Last but not least that’s to all the players that attended. Good luck to everyone who has nominated for both the Queensland teams and also the Australian teams.

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