October Canoe Polo Comp

Canoe Polo / 16/08/2012

With 7 open teams , 6 junior teams and only 5 hours to squeeze it all in, the day was a very busy, yet successful one at Sleemans Sports Complex in Chandler last Sunday.
In a fantastic venue, 2 canoe polo fields ran non-stop with a round robin of each team playing 2-3 games , followed by an Allstars – 8 minute game – semi finals and then finals.

Final results

1st – Broken Paddle Canoe Club
2nd- Ipswich Chargers

3rd – Springfield Scorpians
4th – University Unicorns
(FINAL SCORE: 2-1 in overtime)


1st – Libby’s Awesome Angels
2nd – Dave’s Boys
(FINAL SCORE : 6-3 – how teams did mix up 🙂 )

Congratulations to Brothers Canoe club for entering 6 junior teams, and Springfield Centenary and University canoe clubs for entering 2 teams each!
The day was recorded by Totally Wild- Network 10, and will be aired on tv in 8-12 weeks.
A special thanks to CJ Van Genderan and Donald Leigh for refereeing all Open games.


Thanks to Sleemans Sports Centre for the use of their amazing venue, and Rosco Canoes and Computer Alliance for their kind donation of prizes.




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